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Happy Customers

For any dog who’s motivated by fetch, this toy is a given!

Crusoe the Dachsund
Riley with iFetch

Last week it was raining and I was down with allergies. I was thankful to have my iFetch. Riley was pooped from playing without having to wear me out.

Chaity with Riley

I got an iFetch this morning and have already taught my Border Collie to drop his ball in it when I say 'iFetch'!

Alice Clark with Bentley the Border Collie
Brandon Alfred dog with iFetch contrast

Just got our iFetch a couple days ago and she loves it. Plays with it for hours. Thank You!

Brandon Alfred

Best purchase we've made!

Allison Eagan with Daisy and Miley, Dachsunds

Hello everybody! I recently got iFetch from my parents, I'm still learning but already loving it! When I sense it's preparing to launch I get so excited, I almost can't hold myself. 🙂 It's the best toy for sure!

Log the Bulldog (and Daniel the Owner)

The iFetch is here. (Germany) Tiffany & Bond love to play it... Tiffany is a real natural talent...

Petra Koth with Tiffany and Bond

Thanks to the iFetch, now I don't have to exhaust my mommy and daddy playing non-stop fetch with me. Now I can just exhaust myself and my BFF, Hamlet.

Penny the Boston Terrier

Rocky our little yorkie has fallen in love with the ifetch. It's a great toy to keep her busy when we don't have the time to play with her. Every household with a dog should have one!

Gurpreet A. with Rocky the Yorkshire Terrier
Whiskey Girl and iFetch

Just got our iFetch tonight. Our 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Whiskey Girl ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!

Julie Frissel

My pup just got his and learned to use it in 2 hours.

Don Ramon with Ninja the Dachsund
Dewey and iFetch


Dewey the Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix

I purchased an iFetch for my dog Yoshi and he is crazy about it. Thanks iFetch!

Vicki Rasmussen and Yoshi
Chorizo the Dachsund

Chorizo has been a ball and rock fetching fiend for as long as I can remember. It took us about 3 days to get him to use the iFetch consistently. He loves it!

Dino Eidson and Chorizo the Dachsund

Mowgli is obsessed with fetch. When I saw the iFetch I knew we had to have it. It's great because it is a great way to release his energy throughout the day while I am busy. I would definitely recommend it!

Meredith Curry with Mowgli

iFetch is simply one of the amazing gadgets for dogs! Thank you iFetch for making it a reality.

Catherine and Terence with Lexi the Long-Haired Dachsund

Folks, This is one fantastic doggie toy. My Border Collie LOVES this thing.

Brian Duffy

Arrived yesterday in Sydney. What a surprise! Let me just say......well done Hamill Family! Its a real credit to not only envision this product but to actually get it made and sent to customers worldwide. Congratulations!

John Davis

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